Three great lies perpetuated by the academy

Leftists in the academy have been responsible for fabricating and spreading the false narrative that during the crucial phase of the Mexican Revolution in 1915, the United States colluded with the victorious Constitutionalists, covertlysupplying them with war materiel while blocking the exportation of arms and ammunition to the forces of the Convention.

These lies are so pernicious because, on the one hand, they promote undue hatred on the part of Mexicans and others toward the United States for allegedly meddling in the neighboring nation's defining conflict. On the other hand, the Mexican people have been robbed of their own sense of agency, which perpetuates the myth of helplessness in managing their own affairs.

As the documents attached in the individual sheets prove, the Marxist-inspired claim that American imperialists determined the ultimate victory of the Mexican Revolution through its arms export policy and direct intervention is a grand canard.